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Kish Island

Kish Island
Kish Island

*On an area of ​​about 90 square kilometers in the south-west of Iran lies the quiet Kish island, where the least authoritarian restrictions, American-made cars and European goods.

*Kish Island means a lot to the Iranians. It serves as an escape from urban congestion and even a few regime restrictions. As for the regime, the economic challenge lies in the face of sanctions and competition for the neighboring city of Dubai, which is no more than 200 kilometers from the island.

"We have everything in Kish, landscapes, five-star hotels and international shopping malls, and the island is a free trade zone, so why not compete with Dubai?" Asks Jawad Yadullah, director of a Kish hotel.

*In 2015, Iranian President Hassan Rowhani visited the island to inspect some new projects and declared that all its officials must adopt halal tourism and allow Muslims to spend different time in the country. Jazeera, does not contradict the teachings of the Islamic Republic.

"Some hotels do not ask guests for a marriage document, and this happens in secret, and you find the owner of this hotel very close to clerics and officials in the system, as is the case with alcohol , Which you can get as you sit on the beach, some things happen in secret as long as there is a beneficiary ». "But the most important thing is that we are raising the slogan of halal tourism," he said.

*One of the people who spoke to them, Toussour, chose the nickname Toushia, said he liked to come to the island with his girlfriend from time to time. "We enjoy some privacy and freedom. Sometimes we can book a room in a hotel without asking anyone. We have a marriage document, as in Tehran. "

*After the Islamic revolution, Khomeini decided to ban all forms of Western music. He forbade Persian songs for some time. So far, there are still restrictions on concerts in Iran, but on Kish Island they can easily find concerts and festivals for contemporary dance and folklore. 

*It is not limited to music alone. After the revolution and the imposition of international sanctions on Iran, the regime decided to restrict the importation of American products in particular, but in Kish all these products, even American cars, are found at the lowest prices.

*Before the Iranian revolution, Kish was the preserve of Iran's wealthy people who had strong relations with the Shah only. But after the Shah's isolation, Khomeini turned the island into a free trade zone and opened it to all Iranians in 1989. In 2016, the island received nearly one million Iranian visitors.

*Economist Rezaei Mohammed told «Tensor» that Iran offers many facilities and open the doors of Kish in front of everyone, has exempted investors from taxes for 15 years, as well as exempt all imported goods from taxes, and sought to establish huge shopping centers and allow the freedom of foreign exchange, Abolished the need to obtain a visa to enter the island.

*Mohammed believes that these steps have borne fruit. The volume of foreign investments in Kish is increasing. There are also Iranian investors who left Dubai and Turkey and decided to invest in the island.

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