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Tourism in Turkey :

Tourism in Turkey is characterized by diversity and has become in the past few years a global destination for tourism thanks to the possessions that it has to achieve it.

There is little to find another country that competes with Turkey's tourist cities with its cultural and cultural diversity. It offers natural places, historical monuments, coastal resorts and ski centers.

All this made Turkey a world tourist attraction ranked sixth as one of the most important tourist countries in the world and the most scenic tourist.

What are the tourist seasons in Turkey ?

You may come up with this question and answer it requires some detail. As we mentioned at the beginning, Turkey is a diverse country and is a permanent tourist destination throughout the year.

Spring between April and May is considered the most suitable for tourism in Turkey is characterized by pleasant climate, and we recommend to visit Istanbul and elsewhere in this period.

In the summer, tourists resort to beaches. Turkey's most famous coastal cities include Antalya, Marmaris and Bodrum, or the cold green highlands of northern Turkey.

Autumn in Turkey runs between September, October and November is the perfect place to visit Turkey's tourist destinations where the atmosphere is fairly temperate and suitable for hiking and outing.

The winter in Turkey starts in December, January, February and March, and the weather is cold and icy, and winter resorts are popular. The most famous are Oludag Mountain in Bursa and Mount Karkh.

*Let us now know about the best places in Turkey:

*Istanbul and around

Tourism in Turkey starts from the city of Istanbul is the first stop for tourist trips coming to Turkey from around the world.

Airports in Istanbul, whether at Ataturk International Airport or Sabiha Gokcen International Airport, are the main airports from which flights to Istanbul's cities and areas surround Istanbul.

The city of Istanbul is surrounded by a number of Turkey's tourist cities of no less importance, but the city of Istanbul remains the most important city of these cities and the stock exchange Wlawa and Spanga and Pulu and each of these cities components attract tourists.

*Tourism in Istanbul:

As we have said before, Istanbul is the most important tourist destination in Turkey. It is very diverse and tourists find their destination for different reasons to travel to Turkey.

From tourists who like to visit the historical and archaeological sites, the city of Istanbul meets it through its historical landmarks in Sultanahmet, Amignon and others.

It is also popular with tourists who love shopping and markets. Istanbul is filled with a passion for shopping through its historical markets and modern complexes, including the Grand Bazaar, Jawahar Shopping Complex and many more.

But if we talk about the entertainment and fun places in Istanbul, a wonderful collection of entertainment venues suitable for all ages, the most important city games Viva Land and Aquarium Istanbul and others and others.

*The most beautiful places of tourism in Turkey Spanga:

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*Tourism in Turkey Ozongol:

Where is Oswingol located?

The village and Lake Uzungöl called the long lake belongs to the city of Trabzon in the north of Turkey, and the village is located in a valley between the heights of the mountain and overlooking the village on the lake and surrounded by forests and fog covers the atmosphere most of the time, adding to the beauty of indescribable distance from the airport Trabzon 100 kilometers It takes about an hour and a half.

What does tourism offer you in Ozengol?

You can do many activities when you arrive in Uzengol, including:

• Visit Ouzongol Lake, the most famous tourist attraction in Uzengol, and enjoy the enchanting natural landscape with the surrounding green forest, you can camp, walk and roam around the lake.

• You can visit fish farms in the area and choose Matchhun to be a tasty lunch. Oznjul is renowned for the river's cold-water salmon in the village.

• We recommend that you prepare the camera in preparation for the hundreds of wonderful pictures that can be captured in Oznjul.

• Ongol has a number of signature restaurants that are renowned for its delicious cuisine. Do not miss the opportunity to experience food in this town when you visit it.

Ouznjul also has wooden motels, which are generally clean and priced at a moderate low, and prices can range in the summer between $ 70-200.

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