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Museum of Uffizi in Florence Italy

Museum of Uffizi in Florence Italy

Located in Florence, Italy, capital of Tuscany, one of the oldest and most famous art museums in Europe, the most visited and important tourist attraction in Florence, the Uffizi Gallery is a collection of priceless works especially from the Italian Renaissance period.

The Uffizi Museum occupies two floors in the Degli Uffizi Palace, designed by the architect Giorgio Vasari, built in the mid-15th century to be one of the first modern museums to be visited by specific personalities. 19th century.

The Museo Uffizi in Italy today is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Florence, where in 2016 it was visited by nearly two million visitors and tourists. The waiting time at the box office can be up to five hours at the height of the tourist season so you can avoid queuing for reservations. The official website of the museum.

When you enter the museum you will find it divided into 45 rooms rich in art that belong to the most famous Italian artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Michael Angelo and Rafael, numbering about 100 thousand, and long corridors decorated with ceilings and the most beautiful drawings and artistic inscriptions and mosaics, decorated with a collection of sculptures and Dating back to the 19th century.

You can also enjoy a panoramic view of Florence on the roof of the museum, where there is a quiet café serving a number of snacks and hot and cold drinks.

The Italian Museum of Uffizi is strategically located between a wide range of Florence's main attractions and is just a few meters from the Avenue of the Apostles, the Santa Trinita Bridge, the Senjurima Square and many other important tourist sites.
There are many beautiful areas and hotels nearby to the museum and tourist resorts at a beautiful and wonderful level.

• Walk from room 29 to room 45 with paintings of the High Renaissance.

• You can walk through the narrow, long interiors that fill the ceilings with magnificent artistic creations, and along the passageway on either side you will find statues of 19th-century artists.

• You can climb to the roof of the museum when you feel tired to take a break in the rooftop café and enjoy the breathtaking views and fresh air.

Visiting times of the Museo Uffizi Gallery Florence

From Tuesday to Sunday from 8:15 am to 18:50 pm.

Monday is closed.

You can go whenever you wish and visit the museum

Prices of admission cards

Admission fee is EUR 12.5 per person.

Top Florence Hotels near Museo Uffizi Gallery

The Hotel Deli Orafi is a 4-star hotel with an excellent rating within Florence's best hotels, just a few steps away from the museum.

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Museum of Uffizi

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